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6 Pumpkin Books for Little Readers.

It's that time of year where little ones are into all things Pumpkins. Trips to the Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Spice lattes seem to make this time of the year one of the best.

I want to share some of my absolute favorite books with you. I find myself grabbing these books every year and my students love them time and time again. Hopefully your little ones will love them just as much.

  1. Pumpkin Town

Find out what happens when two brothers grow too many pumpkins.

2. Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin Pie

This book is the perfect book to start conversations about pumpkins. It's a glimpse of the many uses of pumpkins and the photographs are visually stunning. Every year, I find students grabbing this one from the bookshelf to look at the pictures. They love this one.

3. Too Many Pumpkins

This book is perfect for discussing cause and effect. Find out what happens when they forget about the pumpkin spill.

4. The Runaway Pumpkin

Find out what happens when the pumpkin decides to take an adventure.

5. Pumpkin Jack

This book is perfect for explaining the pumpkin life cycle. The little boy takes a visit to the pumpkin patch and he wonders what happens to his pumpkin after Halloween is over. This book uses both illustrations and photographs to explain the life cycle of a pumpkin. This one is a must have!

6. Five Little Pumpkins

'Five Little Pumpkins' is the perfect counting book. It's great one to sing just because too. Have your little one use their fingers to a sneaky lesson about subtraction!

Of course there is a freebie attached! Click the Pumpkin Patch for a Pumpkin Alphabet Match Printable in color and black and white.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to share if you loved any of these as much as I do!.


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